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PROTOTIPOLAB offers the possibility to building sector companies to develop prototypes with materials and manufacturing processes, with the latest parametric design techniques.

It is based on specializing parametric design workshop, primarily funded with payments of  the course fees. Thus the company has a zero or almost zero cost. The company or group of companies promoting the event PrototipoLab occasionally supplied the materials and skilled labor or special tools to build the prototype.

All this should be checked in each case.



• zero (or almost zero) cost for companies. Companies make contributions in kind.

• Application and test of new technologies and materials to the building process.

• Parametric generation and construction of 1:1 scale prototypes.

• Development training parametric techniques for all specialties.



PROTOTIPOLAB is first a test model event.

PROTOTIPOLAB is based primarily on architectural model building, so that the direction should be left to PROTOTIPOLAB, or at least, be shared with any representative appointed by the company or group of companies.



We will look at each case to develop a program suited to the material elements and manufacturing techniques of each case. PROTOTIPOLAB is open to all proposals from different companies to carry out prototypes as needed.

The basic objective is to design and build an 1:1 prototype to test materials, coatings solar pannels and different methods of construction , composition and design parametric models.

To provide enrolled students a unique experience in learning techniques and parametric design software, and also the opportunity to build immediately in 1:1 scale.

At the same time companies get to zero cost, or almost zero, a prototype built with materials and processes, and application of research undertaken in the Masters of Advanced Projects of the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid in Parametric Architecture area, thus forming a temporary cheap and easy action uncompromising application of knowledge and technology applied to the construction from the University.

Objective constructive

Develop a model (as the case a pavilion at different scales, or other items) TOOLS WITH PARAMETRIC and may include interactive elements and agents depending on external data, interact with users, and may be allocated to both energy production photovoltaic enough to auto supplies

Build a 1:1 scale for its location as the needs of each proposal




This is an example of the group of companies developing the latest PROTOTIPOLAB 2012:

· CIS Madeira

Provides facilities, equipment available, collaborative course management, collaboration and management aids Galician institutions and companies.

· Technological Park of Galicia – Tecnópole

· ETSAC School of Architecture of A Coruña. University of A Coruña(Academic credit recognition)

· CESUGA (private school architecture). La Coruña. (Academic credit recognition)

· ETSAM. Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. . (Academic credit recognition and part of the research group ephemeral architecture)

· IE University Architecture School. (Academic credit recognition)

· COAG Association of Architects of Galicia. (Recommendation to collegiate conferences around prototipolab)

· COAM Association of Architects of Madrid (recommendation collegiate conferences around prototipolab)

· European University of Madrid (academic credit recognition)

· CEU architecture. (Academic credit recognition and inclusion in the Master of Advanced Architecture)

Collaboration for dissemination through the CAT Tecnolóxico Advisory Commission



• Cluster da Madeira in Galicia: Diffusion and contribution of materials and labor through its partners.

• Fearmaga (Business Federation Sawyers and Timber capping Galicia): Diffusion and carrying of materials through its partners.

• Feceg (Federation of Carpentry and Joinery from Galicia): Diffusion and contribution of materials and labor through its partners.

• Monte Industry (Galega Monte Industry Association. Galician Forestry Initiative): Diffusion. ?




FINSA: material contribution

LOSAN: material contribution

• ROLLED VILLAPOL: material contribution

ROTHOBLAAS: contribution of materials (hardware)

VENCOR: labor, tools and machinery

NÚÑEZ EBANISTAS: labor, tools and machinery

A.G.M. Cabinetmakers: labor, tools and machinery

VICENTE DE LA FUENTE: labor, tools and machinery

• Other companies: storage of material, Mosquera VILLAVIDAL SL,

GAELICA SOLAR photovoltaic panels and sensors for automation and interaction

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